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Meimei to provide products and services Meimei to provide products and services

Custom wooden doorCustom wooden door

Luxurious atmosphere,Fine and durable

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Ambry of customizationAmbry of customization

Meimei is not just Luxury,Especially for you Custom

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Wardrobe customizationWardrobe customization

The wardrobe,The bookcase,Who ark,You name it,As you required

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Clapboard customizationClapboard customization

The performance of the personality,Reveal luxurious quality

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Customize wooden bedCustomize wooden bed

Luxurious atmosphere,Fine and durable

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Furniture customizationFurniture customization

Reasonable more beautiful,Professional is more important

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Wooden doorCabinetsThe wardrobeClapboardThe bedFurniture

Online consultationThe service hotline:0519-82521890

MeimeiOne-stop high-end custom service log

1Tailor,Here you are Reasonable space
The perfect home
Each of our products are the door residential whole space environment according to the customer,FromThe ambry of wooden door、The cabinet、The door to the panel,By professionalDesign and production team
2The original wood,Here you are The material of environmental protection A healthy home
Environmental protection material of low carbon environmental protection,No pollution,Heat insulation fire,Convenient and quick,Modelling is changed,Private custom
31Home to dry5The home
Save you time and energy
1Home to dry5The home,For youTo save time Worry And effort To save money,There is no gap
Wooden door,The wardrobe,Cabinets,Clapboard trulyOne-stop custom
From the measurement,Design,Delivery to the installation,Systematic services,One pace reachs the designated position
4Quality team,Professional services
Meimei core team,Engaged in wood productsFor many years,Engaged in custom service
Raw material is unified,Color is unified,The style is unified,Standard and unified,Help you make a luxury and sweet home!
5Jiangsu local enterprises,High-quality service,
After-sales guaranteed!
We are jiangsu local enterprises,Win the market by word of mouth,You are Sincere wood productsOne-stop service
Provide warranty service,Non-human factors for the lifelong maintenance,Create a professional ambry、Wooden door、The cabinet、Clapboard
Free on-site guidanceFree out of the floor plan Offer free of chargeFree on-site installationThree years warranty for freeLifelong maintenance
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Meimei furniture manufacture co., LTD

Meimei furniture manufacture co., LTD

Meimei furniture manufacture co., LTD is specializing in the production of custom-made high-end log whole household,Such as wooden cabinets and wooden whole wardrobe、Wooden wine cabinet as a whole、Wooden doors as a whole、Whole wooden door, wooden decorative panels, such as integrated enterprise。The main production of high-grade solid wood door、High-grade solid wood composite door、Environmental protection green ecological door、Solid wood and the composite line、Villa clapboard,Come to see sample custom all kinds of solid wood furniture, etc。...

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Common problemsCommon problems

Q: The introduction of wood species
Answer:Pine solid wood composite door the door of the core、Or imported fill material and glue them into a fir,Density board and solid mumupi is stuck outside,After high temperature hot pressing,With solid wood line sealing side。General advanced solid wood composite door,The door core are high quality white pine,Surface is solid wood...
Q: How to better maintain wooden door
Answer:1、Should keep indoor and ventilated,We must keep the room ventilated dry spring and winter,And the door of wooden door、The door covers are made by wood or wood based materials,Despite the moistureproof processing,But still can't resist water soak for a long time,Daily use process,Should avoid as far as possible...
Q: How to discern the stand or fall of wooden door
Answer:A:Touch and side light。With the hand touch the door frame、Panel、The corner,Requires no scratches,The gentle,Then stand on the side of the door to meet at the door of the paint is uneven。2:The price is also a measure of quality wooden door on the other hand,Really only real material...

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